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Public Opera began in 2002 as a group of singing artists who came together to create an introduction to opera music for everyone.  While in a relaxed atmosphere, you can dine, have a glass of wine and acquaint yourself with opera favorites. Public Opera uses a wide range of popular opera selections that include individual arias, duets, trios and quartets. They hope that by getting this brief introduction to opera music that it will plant a small seed of curiosity into what the human voice can do and further more exploration into this genre.  Many people who thought they didn’t like opera come away with a new appreciation for this art form. When you hear opera up close it is a very personal and powerful experience. Many people have said over the years “wow I didn’t think I liked opera until I heard you sing”.  We encourage our new listeners to go to a full length opera where there are subtitles above the stage and they can see the whole spectacle.

For more information or to be considered for a guest singer position please email your resume and a sample of your singing to info@publicopera.com.





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